Rodriguez Family Shoot Sneak Peek

This photo shoot was a large family shoot in Irvine. The scenery was really pretty and the Rodriguez Family was a lot of fun.  This was a first lifestyle shoot for this family and my goal was to have them feel comfortable to capture natural movement & expressions as well as taking some classic family portraits.  We did the traditional portraits which included mom & dad with kids, everyone as a group, just siblings, and everyone as a group together.  So those pictures everyone is looking at camera and I just click away.  Then I ask them now to look at each other, to smile, laugh, give a hug, just a big group snuggle.  You always get a few chuckles when you do this and that’s my favorite part. To catch someone laughing or smiling so hard your eyes are closed.  I love these kinds of photos. This is just a little sneak Peek of some of the pictures we took. Hope you enjoy them !

Edited Rodriguez03

Edited Rodriguez07

Edited Rodriguez08

Edited Rodriguez09

Edited Rodriguez11

Edited Rodriguez18

Edited Rodriguez20

Edited Rodriguez30

Edited Rodriguez32

Edited Rodriguez33

Edited Rodriguez35

Edited Rodriguez37

Edited Rodriguez38

Edited Rodriguez41

Edited Rodriguez42

Edited Rodriguez44

Edited Rodriguez46

Edited Rodriguez47