Lillian’s 1st Birthday Shoot


It’s been a while since I posted pictures on my website.  Took a break from photography when baby was born and I’m slowly making my way back.  Just taking on one shoot at a time.

I wanted Lillian’s birthday shoot to be really special to her.  She is a big fan of animals. She loves our cat Cutie and squeals with happiness when she sees a dog on a walk.  On her 1st birthday we actually took her to a local pumpkin patch where she rode a little pony all by herself. That experience was pure joy to her.  I have a friend from church who has the most beautiful Pekingese dogs.  I ‘ve been wanting to do a shoot with these beautiful dogs for a while and thought how cute would it be for Lillian to be playing with the dogs for her birthday shoot.  These beautiful dogs are also in dog shows and it was just so much fun seeing them run, play with the ball, and just see their cute personalities while taking pictures of them.

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much I do.

fyi if your ever having a long/hard day these pictures will definitely put a smile on your face. lil1lil2lil3newlil4lil5lil6lil7lil8lil9 - Copylil10lil11