A Floral Dress for a special Day

As some of you may know I am starting a floral business and I want to use flowers in many ways. Yes you have your typical bouquet, boutonniere, corsage, and floral crown.  Why not a live floral dress, or shoes, belt, hand bag,etc… This photo shoot is showing just that. To think outside the box with flowers, and use it as something you may want to add to your wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, prom, or for a special occasion.  I am thankful for friends who think of me and send fun floral pins my way through pinterest.  This is how the idea of making a floral dress started.  I also want to thank this beautiful friend of mine who is modeling in these pictures Jennifer Chapman.  Hair was done by Deb  Collins and isn’t it so beautiful! We took pictures from Sunset to Sun Down. Taking in the lighting at sunset and the darkness as the sun was going down was such a beautiful process for me. Usually when it gets dark my photo sessions stop, but we just kept on going and I love the creative and artistic look the camera can give when searching for light.   Hope you enjoy the look of a floral dress and think of me if you want to add a little floral to your look.