Fall Family Sessions

First, I just want to say  Thank you ! Thank you !!  For everyone who thought of me this Fall to take family pictures of them.  I look forward to this time of year to see past clients/friends and to see how they have grown and to document that.  Some families on this post I have pictures of them before they had a family, and some where their kiddos have grown a foot or two.  I have also made new friends and clients who had their first family session with me and I feel really blessed and thankful for that.  Each one of these pictures makes me smile (:  Maybe because I can see the fun that they are having, the love that is there, or the creative flare. I love them all !! Sending my love and thanks to all the beautiful people on this post.

Smith Family 32

Smith Family 30

Smith Family 28

Smith Family 26

Smith Family 13

Smith Family 09

Salman Family Editted18

Salman Family Editted02

Greene Family editted 26

Greene Family editted 24

Greene Family editted 16

Greene Family editted 06

Greene Family editted 04

Greene Family editted 03

Editted Stanger 12

Editted Stanger 11

Editted Stanger 08

Editted Stanger 06

Editted Mckee02

Editted Mckee12

Editted 23

Editted 14

Editted 05

Editted 03

Carlsen Family Editted04

Carlsen Family Editted07

Byers Editted16

Byers Editted10

Byers Editted04

Byers Editted01